Still Working …

This blog is gestating and will probably really be born in a few months. Until then, it may kick a little.

Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying Fine Points some more, especially the apparent love-hate relationship with Moleskine notebooks, and that has led me to inlovewithjournals, Notebook Stories, Ink Nouveau, and the stationery section of the Guardian, of all places. I eventually ended up at Economy Pens, where you get comparisons and reviews of inexpensive pens, like this, and then Does This Pen Make Me Look Fat?, where I enjoyed her discussion of her favorite pen, a Parker Vacumatic.

Gads, I can’t believe I’ve lived my life this far without realizing how many blogs there were devoted to pens, paper, notebooks, etc. All those years – wasted!

I also made the mistake of checking in with Londoner’s Musingsmistake because I always get lost in her writing. It’s beautiful. Check out the post Languages: Turning Enemies into Allies.

In the comments, she recommended Inky Fool, and I can tell I’ll have to spend some time there.

At this rate, I’ll never get this blog going!


One thought on “Still Working …

  1. scribedoll says:

    Why, thank you so much. I am flattered :–)

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