The Moleskine Confessions

I was keen on testing out this ‘reblog’ feature, and this seemed a good post to work with. The penmanship is lovely, and I imagine I’ll be reading more of this blog.

While we’re here, a post titled “The Delight of Hand Writing” has been causing waves in the Pressophere, one ripple of which is this reminiscence on pens and penmanship by the Literary Tiger.

For those who are interested, I have found to be a good resource for penmanship.

Fine Points

From the journal entry (photo above) dated March 18, 2008 :

“…Now that the quest for the ideal notebook is over due to the discovery of Moleskine, the hunt has been reduced to finding the perfect pen…”

Thus was once my opinion of that popular little black notebook.  My relationship with Moleskine had sparked to life the month prior and with the coming of spring it blossomed and grew and much joy was to be had scribbling away.  Alas, happily ever after was not to be; the chill of disillusionment soon set in and the flame flickered, then grew dark.  Yet, curiously, a few embers remained, smoldering just enough to allow the occasional, brief reignition- this cycle of love/hate characterizes my relationship with Moleskine.

Even after the passage of four years and ample whoring about  experimentation with other notebooks lines, I am still occasionally drawn to Moleskine, despite telling myself…

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4 thoughts on “The Moleskine Confessions

  1. scribedoll says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning my piece ‘The Delight of Hand Writing’. Very kind.

  2. Fine Points says:

    And thanks as well for reblogging The Moleskine Confessions. 🙂

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